Ms. Julie's Kitchen and Gardens

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2008.

People: Ms. Julie at the Kitchen. Ms. Julie, Shannon, five summer youth helpers: Mike, Steve, Jeff, Spencer and three neighborhood teens: Warren ,Malcom and Jabbarie at the Gardens.

Products: Vegan whole grain spelt baked goods, soups, salads, kale chips, waffles, granola and more. As well as, veggies from Ms. Julie's Gardens. Especially peas, collards, kale, rhubarb, popcorn, edamame, dried beans, tomatoes and herbs. 

History: In 2000, I weighed 350 lbs and had a heart attack. Instead of conventional treatment, I switched to a vegan diet with mostly locally grown, organic vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds. As a result, I lost 150 pounds and my heart is healthy, so I built my business around helping others be their healthiest. 

Soil: Soil was tested with safe levels. We compost all our kitchen waste into our soil.

Water Use: Presently using city water.

Weed Control: By hand.

Pest control: Trapping groundhogs and relocating to private property.

Sourcing: My own urban market farm and most all of our local farmers here at market.

Methods: Home cooking from-scratch. Much from garden to kitchen!

Fun Facts: We started farming 2 acres of vacant city property in Summit Lake in 2013. I have lovingly named our three market-scale gardens Mama, Papa and Baby.