Farmers' Market Blog • Caught Off Guard by Corn


~ from Serena, Countryside Farmers' Market Manager

It all started one afternoon at the Highland Square farmers' market. The year was 2018. It was a Thursday. It was hot.

I was complaining about being hungry. I didn't pack any snacks. This is a common occurrence. There were several solid hours between me and my next meal. I was on the verge of desperation and despondency and getting a real case of the hangries.
I was directing my complaining to a nearby friend and vendor named Barb. Probably annoyed with my yammering, and in an attempt to get me to move along, she told me to eat the corn I just bought.


"Ha, I know right? Yeah, I can't wait to get home and make this."
"No," she said. "Eat it raw. It's really good raw."


I thought she was pulling my chain. After a few more prods, I could feel my mind opening, considering the possibility that she was serious.


I threw my beloved friend caution to the wind and husked the corn right there and then. I dug in and was fortunate enough to experience the sweetest most delicious and tender corn, a different but equally wonderful comparison to cooked corn. My mind was pretty much blown to learn that corn on the cob could be eaten raw and that it was darn delightful.
That was a big day for me. The day I experienced the joy of eating a raw vegetable I just bought from a local farmer in the middle of a park. A vegetable I had no idea could be eaten raw, and is in fact one million times better raw when it is locally grown -- because it was just picked, it retains its sweetness longer than grocery store corn.


I felt a distinct connection that day - to the earth and to the local food system. I'm a part of the web of local food, and there is not much else better than to experience my connectivity by satiating my hunger with raw veg on a summer afternoon.