Blog: Highland Square Farmers' Market


Have you ever treasured something in your community, only to be devastated when it closed up shop for one reason or another?

Over the years, I've longed for and reminisced about Yocono's, Dodie's, and can now add Crest Bakery to my list.

Sure, I patronized these places, but had I known they were on the brink of closing, would I have increased the frequency of my visits?
Probably, if I didn't want to see them go.

Heads up: Countryside Farmers' Market at Highland Square is one of these places. It's seen by many as an asset to the community, but the hard reality is that it is struggling. Farmers unload truckloads of produce each week, only to pack it all back up and drive it home, unsold.
The customer count and sales are not what they need to be to make it worth it for the farmers and food producers to continue to invest their time and energy into this market.

This year is a bit of a test case: if Highland Square and the surrounding community shows up and proves to the vendors that this market is worth their time, we will return. If the sales continue to decline and the crowd continues to grow more sparse, my favorite little neighborhood market will not exist anymore.

If you're a person who would think nostalgically about the Highland Square market and "what a shame it is that it's gone," maybe you can prioritize it one of these Thursday evenings, and help a community gem come back next year.

Opening day is THIS THURSDAY from 4-7pm at Will Christy Park (the triangle park) located at 1175 W Exchange case you are looking for something wonderful to do.