Europa Charcuterie

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Markets since 2016.

People: Dan & Olga Kovacevic

Products: Artisanal dry cured meats and sausage

Sourcing: Local Ohio pork farmers, along with neighboring Indianda, and Michigan

Processes: Dry cured/aged for 30 to 180 days

History: Tradition ~ Technique ~ SImplicity

Our Approach: simple, work slowly and steadily and make everything by hand in small batches, with the best ingredients we can find.

Our Intention: preserve tradition with an emphasis on technique that has survived and evolved through generations.

After years of contemplating, owner and Charcutier Dragan (Dan) Kovacevic decided to open a “Salumeria” and sausage shop in his childhood town of Parma - nope not Parma, Italy but Parma, Ohio. We are the first and only USDA, Ohio Department of Agriculture salumeria in Ohio. What does that mean? We work alongside meat inspection personnel to confirm food safety rules and regulations are followed to ensure quality, safe meat products.

While completing a Butcher’s Apprentice under the direction of Master Charcutier and Craftsmen Francois Vecchio, Dan learned the basics of the Old World craft. He uses the professional training along with the simple, traditional skills and recipes that his late father in law taught him to offer delicious European style fresh sausages, and dry cured meats with an emphasis on quality and flavor. His philosophy and principals are to offer quality artisanal products, thus his motto “the taste that brings them home."

Here 's to celebrating health, family, and life. We hope you enjoy our products for years to come.

Fun Fact: Dry curing/aging meat is a survival technique which dates back to several hundreds of years, the conservation of meat has become over the centuries a topic of political, economic, and social importance worldwide.