Farmers' Market Blog: Asparagus!


While yes, it's true that asparagus sells itself and doesn't necessarily need any additional fanfare from me, hearing a farmer say that "the asparagus is poppin'" brings my joy to a whole new level.


Not only does it mean that the rest of summer fruit and veg is soon to follow, it means that I am about to increase my weekly allowance of vegetables eaten raw at the market. If you've never tried freshly-harvested, local asparagus it. (Not the stuff from the store that has been transported many miles and sat for days, the stuff from the farmers' at the market. Raw produce from a farmers' market is a whole different ballgame.) Even if you think you don't like asparagus, give local asparagus a shot. It will be sweeter, fresher, and more densely packed with nutrients. 


If you've never interacted with asparagus before the purchasing/cooking stages of its life, "poppin'" truly is a proper term. Yet another thing I didn't know before I entered this field, asparagus grows just right up from the ground as if to say "Surprise, I'm here!" (See photo for evidentiary support.) From my farmer friends, I've learned that asparagus are perennials, so they will return for many years once planted - however they take several years to establish. After the intensive beginning period of preparation and patience, you'll reap the asparagus benefits for decades in both your mouth and your kitchen.


Now that the asparagus is poppin', I dare you to chomp down on some raw stalks at Countryside Farmers' Market at Howe Meadow this Saturday.