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The Art of Vegetable Butchery with Cara Mangini

Date: 30-Sep-2016

Cara Mangini, author of The Vegetable Butcher and owner and executive chef at Little Eater in Columbus, will present on her favorite subject - vegetables! She will discuss her best tips and tricks to grow, shop, cook and eat seasonally. She will also share stories from her adventures on farms, in restaurants and at farmers' markets along her quest to intimately know and understand vegetables.

Books will be available for purchase and signing, with proceeds benefiting Countryside.

Location: Spice Acres, a Countryside Initiative farm, 9570 Riverview Rd., Brecksville, OH, 44141

Presentation at 7pm; tickets $20. 
Meet and Greet, with seasonal appetizers and cocktails by Spice Catering, at 6pm; tickets (includes presentation) $50.
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Cara and The Vegetable Butcher have been featured on the Today Show, in multiple magazines, including Rachel Ray, Fine Cooking and Midwest Living, and several article - including this one from the Washington Post ~ check it out!


About Cara Mangini:

Cara Mangini was one of the first “vegetable butchers” at Eataly in New York City. She is also the author of the “Vegetable Butcher” column for TheKitchn.com and executive chef and owner of Little Eater (named for a loose translation of her Italian surname), a vegetable-inspired restaurant, produce stand, and artisanal foods boutique in Columbus, Ohio. Cara has a culinary arts degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, and has worked with acclaimed chefs at the James Beard House and the Culinary Loft.

In researching and writing THE VEGETABLE BUTCHER, Mangini moved to Napa Valley to study vegetables at their source, with the goal of understanding their growth and the process of farming them so that she could better teach people about selection, storage, and varieties.

Mangini worked at the organic farms of Long Meadow Ranch in St. Helena and in the kitchen of its associated restaurant, Farmstead. She arrived at the farm early each day to harvest produce for the restaurant and farmers’ markets. She served as a liaison between farm and restaurant, selecting produce for the executive chef and working nights on the line prepping, cooking, and plating the very same produce she had picked that morning. At the St. Helena and Napa farmers’ markets, she fielded questions, educated shoppers, and helped them decide what to make for dinner.

During that period in Napa, Mangini attended a food industry convention in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. There, while sampling many mini spoonfuls of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Mangini met Tom Bauer, who later would become her husband. After that fateful meeting, Mangini moved to be with Bauer in Columbus, Ohio, a region deeply rooted in agriculture, which provided Cara with the opportunity to partner with many talented farmers and access a bounty of fresh produce to craft her recipes and develop her produce-inspired business. Her work is dedicated to putting vegetables at the center of the American plate.

About The Vegetable Butcher: 

Marrying the art of butchery with the versatility of gorgeous seasonal produce, Cara Mangini’s THE VEGETABLE BUTCHER: How to Select, Prep, Slice, Dice, and Masterfully Cook Vegetables from Artichokes to Zucchini demystifies the world of vegetables, showing exactly how to prepare an artichoke—plus peel a tomato, chiffonade kale, slice kohlrabi into carpaccio, break down a celery root, and cut cauliflower into steaks. Along the way, Mangini shares over 150 mouthwatering recipes that put vegetables front and center, from Marinated Celery, Celery Leaf, and Chickpea Salad, to a Grilled Asparagus, Taleggio, and Fried Egg Panini, from Smashed and Seared Beets with Chimichurri and Goat Cheese Crema to Rutabaga and Apple Cardamom Pie with Bourbon-Maple Cream and Pecans.

Meticulously researched and filled with over 250 step-by-step color photographs, this is the only cookbook of its kind that provides a complete vegetable education, including:

  • In-depth guide to common butchers’ cuts
  • Guidelines for knife selection and care
  • An alphabetical list of more than 50 vegetables with information about:
    • General varieties
    • When the vegetable is in peak season
    • What to look for at the market
    • How to wash, prep, and store each vegetable
    • Must-know cooking methods (like how to roast, boil, steam, and caramelize beets)
    • Adventurous—but utterly simple—recipes that make vegetables the center of truly distinctive dishes
  • Simple back-pocket techniques that immediately become part of your repertoire, enabling you to cook with vegetables without much forethought or effort
  • Essential kitchen equipment and pantry supplies

Mangini’s basic recipes provide foundational methods that every cook should know—how to steam or sauté spinach, the art of making crispy fingerling potatoes, how to perfectly pan-roast Brussels sprouts, and much more. From there, she serves up an array of creative recipes that celebrate the soul-satisfying flavor of each vegetable—Orange-Shallot Fiddlehead Ferns and Ricotta Crostini, Cardoon and Fontina Bread Pudding, Parsnip-Ginger Layer Cake with Browned Buttercream Frosting, and many other new favorites.

The book includes all of the familiar favorites, such as arugula, broccoli, corn, eggplant, tomatoes, and greens. Mangini also ventures into less-well-known territory, showing how to make quick work of and mouthwatering dishes from cardoons, crosnes, Jicama, kohlrabi, puntarelle, salsify, and scorzonera.
The bounty of a career devoted to working with produce, this indispensible book includes all of the notes and lessons that Cara Mangini has gathered along the way.