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Tomato Tasting at Howe Meadow

Date: 20-Aug-2016

Location: Countryside Farmers' Market at Howe Meadow, 4040 Riverview Rd., Peninsula

Time: 9am - 12pm

There are an incredible number of tomato varieties out there! Their flavors can be... Juicy. Sweet. Robust. Smoky. Tangy. Citrusy. Salty. Fresh. Tart. Fruity. And they come in a rainbow of colors... Red. White. Yellow, Purple. Green. Stiped. Black. It's an incredible sight to see them all laid out together, AND an even more incredible experience to be able to taste them all side-by-side.

Countryside Farmers' Market's Tomato Tasting is one of our most popular events of the season. It's beautiful and delicious and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the diversity that small farms can bring to market.

We're thrilled to be hosting this year's Tasting in conjunction with our Centennial Celebration Picnic in the Park. Crafty Mart will be popping up again with several fabulous vendors. And Lorelei Bailey will be treating us to a boozy tomato celebration with a Bloody Mary Craft Cocktails class.

This market is too fun, and too tasty to miss!